valley Aquaponics

Fresh Vegetables

Garlic- available July through Sept.

Garlic Scape's available mid to late June.

Romaine Lettuce.

Butter Crunch Lettuce.

Swiss Chard.

Manny's cucumbers.


Garden Onions.

Bok Choy.

These are grown in  the green house in a recirculating Aquaponics system.

and the availability should be year round.


FRESH GARLIC ready now!

by the lb. @ $8.00 per lb.

E-mail or call us for ordering

Fresh Fish.

Tilapia. at this time they must be purchased whole and processed by the purchaser, they will be harvested and euthanized prior to your pick up. 

You will have to check the web site or call for availability as they are only harvested every 7 months at this time. As we expand production they will become more available.

We will also be expanding to include a processing facility on site so the fish can be offered in a filet.